Ramadan Masjid Shape Pot Holder

Ramadan Masjid Shape Pot Holder

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Ramadan Masjid Shape Pot Holder


Product introduction:

When Ramadan comes, due to customs, the recognized working hours of Muslims or the school hours of children will be greatly shortened, which means that they will have more time to stay at home. If Muslims stay at home, classic and beautiful Muslim decorations will greatly increase the festive atmosphere of Ramadan in Muslim homes. After sunset, most Muslims will invite their relatives and friends to celebrate Eid at sunset, and decorations containing Islamic traditional elements will be more popular. Then, we recommend this water pot holder customized for Ramadan. This must be the best choice for your Muslim decoration.


Product features:

  1. The main material of our customized Ramadankettle cup holder is metal iron. The overall shape is the symbolic element of Ramadan - the mosque. There is also a new moon on the top. These are representative elements of Ramadan. This is our design concept. Because mosques are sacred representatives in the hearts of Muslims, we integrate them into our design. Therefore, it is more suitable to be placed in your home as a classic Muslim decoration.


  1. With the advent ofRamadan, Ramadan household products with Mosque elements have gradually become the core factor for Muslims to buy. Therefore, our Ramadan pot holder is also a popular new Ramadan product recently designed. Because its design appearance is in the shape of a mosque castle, it is very suitable to be placed on any table in the home as a Muslim decoration during Ramadan, such as a dining table, a living room table or even an outdoor garden table. When you put it on your garden table, I think it is very suitable for you and your family or friends who visit your home after sunset to make the most practical Muslim decoration for your afternoon tea. Therefore, it is also very suitable as a beautiful Eid gift for your friends.


  1. As we all know, when choosing Muslim decoration, we should pay attention not only to its beautiful appearance, but also to its significance and practicality for Our Ramadan kettle cup holder is designed according to the design concept of mosque in the hearts of Muslims. It is not only a simple and practical cup holder, but also carries Muslims' sincere prayer and sacred respect for Ramadan. So, when you buy it and put it on any table, it will definitely add a strong festive atmosphere of Ramadan, so that you and your family and friends can feel its holiness. You can put the kettle on it to keep it stable on the table and decorate your home.


  1. For Muslims, Ramadanis the holy month of fasting. Muslims around the world must fast for a month from sunrise to sunset this month. Therefore, the mosque is a symbolic building during Ramadan in the eyes of Muslims. The design pattern of our Ramadan pot Cup Holder emphasizes the existence of the mosque, because the mosque is a place where some Muslims are committed to doing good and praying during Ramadan. During Ramadan, some mosques or rich people invested in setting up tents and "charity tables" to provide food for the poor. Therefore, this mosque shaped Ramadan kettle cup holder is undoubtedly a EID gift for your friends and family, or you can use it to enjoy afternoon tea.组 35.jpg004.jpg

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