Ramadan Candle Holder

Ramadan Candle Holder

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Ramadan Candle Holder


Product introduction:

Ramadan is a month for Muslims to harvest blessings, and it is also a festival that Islam attaches great importance to. In their faith, all prayers will be answered. Islamic people all over the world, men and women, young and old, are preparing for this month. As the custom of Ramadan is to fast for one day and stay at home to pray, Muslims will spend more time at home than usual. Therefore, we recommend this beautifully designed Ramadan Candlestick to you. This is our new product for Ramadan, which is very suitable for Muslim decoration during Ramadan.


Product features:


  1. Our Ramadan candlestick can be a very goodMuslim gift to your family or friends. Its main material is iron. With hollow patterns, we designed the classic elements of Ramadan: the new moon and the castle of Islam. And it also has a metal base to keep it fixed. If the candle is placed in the center, it will reflect different light through these hollows, so as to light up your living room or bedroom.


  1. Ramadanis a festival of meditation and prayer. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from morning till night. They don't drink or eat all day long, and they won't have dinner together until sunset. In fact, this fasting activity is good for their body and mind, because it can make people think about what they are doing every day, help self-discipline, and purify their body and mind through prayer and meditation. Therefore, Muslim people spend more time at home, so they spend more time on Muslim decoration. So at this time, Ramadan decorations are particularly important, they can ensure that you spend this time happily. The most common prayer tool used by Muslims at home is candles, so our Ramadan candlestick is a great choice for you to celebrate Ramadan.


  1. You can show your Ramadan spirit with our Ramadan candlestick. The shape of this candlestick is a small cylinder, which is very suitable for placing on your dining table or the small table in the living room to light up your home for you. It can also add beautiful decorative effects to your table layout. Ramadan candlestick is a necessary item for Ramadan prayer, because candle is the most important tool for prayer, so it certainly needs a container to contain its existence. Obviously, our Muslim gift, Ramadan lantern, is your best choice. It is not only suitable for the dining table, but also can be used as an outdoor Ramadan lightsto illuminate your garden, so that you can chat with your family happily in your garden.


  1. Our Ramadan candlestickis famous for its charming lighting and smooth hollowed out design lines. In this holy period, our Ramadan lanterns and candlesticks are the best way to create holy places for meditation and prayer. A beautifully made lantern with stars around the candlestick. The light of the candlestick can light up your home through its cracks. When lit, it will bring you a soft and warm feeling. This is a Muslim decoration most suitable for the atmosphere of Ramadan.002.jpg004.jpg

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