Gold Metal Ramadan Tray

Gold Metal Ramadan Tray

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 Gold Metal Ramadan Tray


Product introduction:

As we all know, Ramadan refers to the Islamic month of September and is called "Ramadan" in Arabic. According to the teachings of Islam, Ramadan is a great, festive, auspicious and noble month, and is an indispensable festival for Islamic people all over the world every year. According to the fasting custom of Ramadan, the working time of Muslim adults and the school time of children will be greatly shortened, so their home time will be greatly prolonged. At this time, the home decoration of Muslims in Ramadan is very important, because it can directly link with the mood of Muslims at home. A good Muslim decoration can greatly enhance the festive atmosphere of Ramadan. This Ramadan storage tray is an Eid decoration that combines practicality and aesthetics.


Product features:

  1. Its main material is metal iron, and its overall shape is a circle. It is supported by three small metal pieces to keep it fixed on the table. Therefore, it is suitable for any table in your home, such as the table in the living room, the dining table, and even the table in the garden. The marble materials in the table have been processed at food safety level and can be directly used to store your Ramadan food, such as fruits, cakes, sweets, etc. When your guests come to your home to visit, this Ramadan tray is the best way to hold some food for your guests.


  1. We also have a detailed design, which is the Moroccan Style metal small iron plates attached around it. According to the survey, in recent years, the most popular element of Ramadan is Moroccan Style. Morocco's unique decorative style appears in the Ramadan series of many domestic brands. Moroccan Style is mainly based on patterns and multiple colors. Of course, if you buy all Moroccan Ramadan household goods, it is easy to cause visual fatigue of Muslims. However, our simple Ramadan storage tray can perfectly match it. The combination of simplicity and decoration will not make people feel bored. With this storage tray, your dining table or living room table will be welcomed by guests. The storage tray has complete functions and is suitable for any different occasion.


  1. When Ramadan comes, the time for Muslims to stay at home will also greatly increase with the customs of Ramadan. Therefore, when Muslims prepare a large amount of food for their families or entertain friends at home, they must need something that can store food. Well, our round tray for Ramadan is a good choice for you, because we have integrated the very hot Moroccan Style in recent years into the elements of Ramadan, that is, the three small metal plates on it, which is our design concept. And it not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has the practicability of containing a large amount of food. When you put it on the living room or table, it is undoubtedly a good Muslim decoration. When you put it on these occasions, it can undoubtedly add to the fiery atmosphere of Ramadan.
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