EID Moon and Star Ramadan Tray

EID Moon and Star Ramadan Tray

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 EID Moon and Star Ramadan Tray

Product introduction:

As we all know, Ramadan refers to September in the Islamic calendar and is called "Ramadan" in Arabic. According to the teachings of Islam, Ramadan is a great, festive, auspicious and noble month and an indispensable holiday for the Islamic people all over the world every year. Due to the fast from sunrise to sunset in Ramadan, Muslim adults' working hours and children's school hours will be greatly shortened, so their home time will be greatly extended. At this time, the home decoration of Muslims during Ramadan is very important, because it can be directly related to the prayer mood of Muslims at home. Because a good Muslim decoration can greatly enhance the holiday atmosphere of Ramadan. This Ramadan tray is a Muslim decoration that combines practicality and aesthetics.


Product features:

  1. The main material of this Ramadan tray is metal iron, and the overall shape is star shaped and crescent shaped. They are all representative factors of Ramadan, which can add a strong Ramadan festival atmosphere to your home. Its bottom is flat, and it can be stably placed on any table in your home, such as the dining table, the living room table and even the outdoor Chinese garden table. Its materials have been processed with food safety level, and can be directly used to store delicious food during Ramadan, such as fruit, cake, candy, etc. This Ramadan tray is the best way for guests to provide delicious food when they visit Muslim’s home.


  1. During this Ramadan holiday, when you need to store the baked delicious cakes and desserts, this beautiful Ramadan tray is your good choice. Our Ramadan tray is made of high-quality metal iron, which is not easy to rust. In addition to the design concept of representative elements of Ramadan, it is also a Muslim decoration that combines practicality and beauty. The representative elements of the two Ramadan months we designed highlight the holiness of Ramadan in the hearts of Muslims, and let them better feel the festive atmosphere of Ramadan. Therefore, it is the best choice for you to store cakes, fruits and candies during Ramadan, and it is also a great EID decoration.


  1. Our design concept is the representative two elements of Ramadan: stars and the moon. They each represent a word in Arabic, meaning "religion". This word is common in Arabic. Later, over time, Muslims beautified the abbreviation of this word to form the image of a new moon and a star, and symbolized that God and his wisdom were full of all things in the universe. This is because human understanding of the universe was limited to stars and moonlight 1400 years ago. This is why we want to design the star moon shape as the main shape of the tray. So, it’s a great Muslim decoration.


  1. During Ramadan, Muslims can only eat dinner after fasting for one day after sunset. At this time, many Muslim friends will visit your home. At this time, our Ramadan tray is very suitable for entertaining guests. Therefore, this is an EID decoration that you can buy without hesitation.
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