Share the Christmas spirit with all your winter guests with our Santa Claus Enamel Trays! Whether you're using it to serve your favorite holiday treats or displaying these giant embossed round Christmas trays in your kitchen, serve mugs of hot chocolate for family and guests! These would be perfect to serve.

This Christmas tray can be used in a variety of ways throughout the holiday season, from serving treats to gift giving to holiday decorations and more.

Custom designs christmas fruit mug trays sale.Ice Orange is a world-renowned brand of home accessories with warmth and feeling.

Farmhouse 2 Tiers Wooden Tray Vintage Cake Stand

Choosing a beautiful cake rack is a necessary choice for you to entertain friends and organize afternoon tea. Our two-layer customized wooden cake stand is a combination of gorgeous wooden tray and table decoration, and its design is very consistent with the trend of modern home decoration. Its beautiful patterns and practical wood materials make up this retro double deck tray, with a metal handle on the top, which you can easily take and move with. Its simple and practical design makes it suitable for any occasion, such as kitchen, living room and table. It can even be used as the core decoration of the kitchen table. With candles and flowers, you can enjoy a happy afternoon tea with your family.

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White Wooden Round 2 Tiers Decorative Trays

In the romantic wedding decoration, selecting a practical and beautiful tray is an essential desktop decoration. Because when you need to show delicious baked cakes and desserts at the wedding, our exquisite double wooden tray is your best choice. Because our exquisite tray is made of high-quality wood that can contact food, and the style is very advanced retro style. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it also has two layers of large capacity, which constitutes this classic wooden double deck tray. Therefore, it is a combination of practicality and aesthetics. It is suitable for any occasion, not only for families and weddings, but also for commercial restaurants, cafes and other occasions. Therefore, this is a very practical and beautiful decorative tray.

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