Ramadan Gold Moon Shape Tray

Ramadan Gold Moon Shape Tray

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Product features:

  1. Its main material is metal iron, and its overall shape is the half moon shape represented by Ramadan. We have two colors: gold and silver. It is connected by many small round metal rings as the edge. The bottom is stable and can be placed on the table directly and horizontally. Therefore, it is applicable to any table in your home, such as the table in the living room, the table, and even the table in the garden. The metal of this Ramadan half moon tray has been processed to a food safety level and can be directly used to store food during Ramadan, such as fruit, cake, candy, etc. This Ramadan tray is the best way to hold food for your guests when they come to your house to visit and be guests. Therefore, it is not only a practical fruit plate, but also a representative Muslim decoration of Ramadan.


  1. During this Ramadan, when you need to store fruits and desserts, this crescent shaped Ramadan tray is your best choice. Our Ramadan tray is made of high-quality metal iron, which is not easy to rust. In addition to the crescent shaped design concept, which is a representative element of Ramadan, it is a Muslim decoration that combines practicality and beautiful appearance.


  1. The reason why we designed the representative crescent element of Ramadan is that the crescent has a very sacred position in the hearts of Muslims. In the desert tropics, Muslims worship the moon more prominently. After Allah revealed the Koran to the saints, Islam first spread in the Arab region. It is hot and dry, and the production and life of nomads are mostly carried out at night. The Arabic calendar takes the day from sunset to sunrise. The first day of the new month is the first day of each month. Ramadan in Islam is a month from the first day of the new moon to the end of the new moon. The moon is mentioned many times in the Koran, and some chapters are called "the moon". In the eyes of the Prophet Muhammad, the new moon represents a new force. From the new moon to the full moon, it symbolizes the good wishes for Islam to overcome the darkness and achieve complete success. Therefore, it is the best choice for you to store cakes, fruits and candies during Ramadan, and it is also a great EID decoration.
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