EID Acrylic Transparent LED Light Table Decoration

EID Acrylic Transparent LED Light Table Decoration

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EID Acrylic Transparent LED Light Table Decoration


Product introduction:

 Ramadan is a festival that Muslims all over the world attach great importance to. In their faith, pious prayer and fasting will keep them healthy and happy for a long time. Therefore, in their hearts, this is a sacred and solemn festival. It is precisely because in this festival, they need a striking and iconic decoration that can represent this festival, that is, our EID transparent LED lighting desktop decoration. Therefore, our Eid decoration is very suitable for Muslims to place it in the living room during the Ramadan Festival to celebrate the arrival of Ramadan. This can also make the guests who visit their homes more truly feel the strong festive atmosphere of Ramadan. Therefore, it is not only a practical LED lighting, but also a very beautiful table Muslim decoration.


Product features:


  1. EID is the direct translation of "Eid al Fitr". Eid al Fitr is actually a three-day celebration, which lasts from dawn to dusk every day. Everything that determines Eid al Fitr comes down to a moon appreciation, just like the new moon, another representative element of Ramadan: if you can't see the new moon, Ramadan will last for one day. This is also our design concept and the inspiration for this desktop decoration. If you see this Muslim decoration, EID Mubarak !


  1. The main material of this Ramadan table decoration is made of acrylic. The material of the three letter pattern of EID is acrylic, but its base is equipped with batteries, which is a very convenient LED decorative light. When your living room or bedroom is a little dark, it will be a very good Ramadan decoration light. This is not only a practical LED decorative light, but also a good Muslim decoration. It is also very suitable for your relatives and friends as an Eid gift.


  1. Ramadan is a month in which the Islamic people need to fast and pray sincerely, and it is also a festival that Muslims attach great importance to. Therefore, a beautiful Eid decoration can well alleviate the tired Muslims returning home after a day of fasting. This year's Ramadan, we will recommend this beautifully designed Muslim decoration for the table top of Eid al Fitr. The three letters of Eid al Fitr designed according to the characteristics of the festival are very consistent with Eid al Fitr, so they are the best choice for decorators during Ramadan.


  1. Muslims wear the latest or best clothes on Eid al Fitr. And decorate their homes with decorations of Eid al Fitr, lanterns and flashing Ramadan At this time, our Ramadan LED decorative lights are your best choice. Because it is suitable for any occasion, such as the dining table, the living room table, and even the small table in the outdoor garden. Muslims visit their relatives' homes as a way to celebrate with their relatives. When their families and friends are invited to celebrate together, they will be happy to see this unique Eid table decoration and praise your taste.

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