Custom Wood Coffee Tea Table Serving Platter Trays
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Custom Wood Coffee Tea Table Serving Platter Trays

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Product name:

Custom Wood Coffee Tea Table Serving Platter Trays


Product introduction:

In people's daily life, a practical storage tray is essential. Because when you need to store delicious breakfast and drinks, our exquisite rectangular wooden tray can be your best choice. Our exquisite tray is made of high-quality wood, and the style is the most classic retro style, which is very suitable for the occasions in the countryside, farmhouses or some commercial coffee shops. Of course, it is also suitable for your daily household. You can use it to place delicious breakfast, or put your favorite books, and then you can read in bed. This is our practical design concept of wooden rectangular pallet. It is a combination of practicality and aesthetics. It is suitable for any occasion, so it is a very convenient wooden tray.


Product features:

  • The main material of this rectangular tray is high-quality wood. It has a large capacity and can hold many foods you like, such as bread, cake, fruit, and even delicious breakfast. Therefore, it is very suitable to be placed on the table as a classic desktop decoration to decorate your coffee table, dinning table and living room table. You can also put it beside your bed, so that you can take food whenever you lie in bed. In addition, if you match it with the cups or flowers on the table, they can make a great afternoon tea for you.


  • Our wooden tray has a design of two handles, which is convenient for you to move and use at any time. This design is also very suitable for coffee shops or some commercial scenes where trays are often used. Because these scenes usually need to use trays to deliver food presented to guests. Such as coffee, cake or bread. With this wooden rectangular storage tray, I believe their work efficiency will be greatly improved, and the harvest of restaurants or cafes will be better. For those who need to use wooden trays at home, your table or living room table decoration will be welcomed by guests. Therefore, our wooden rectangular storage tray is multifunctional, and it is also suitable for any different occasions.


  • When people need to prepare a lot of food to entertain their family friends, they need a household product that can store food to decorate and place their delicious food. At this time, our wooden rectangular tray has a delicate and practical appearance, which is a good choice for you, because it is not only beautiful in appearance, but also large in capacity, and can hold a lot of food. When you put it on the living room or table, it is undoubtedly a good desktop decoration. When you put it on these occasions, it can not only help you decorate any kind of table in your home, but also hold a lot of food, which is very convenient.


  • Our exquisite wooden tray is the best gift for your friends and family to decorate the table, especially for families with children and women. This is a very practical gift. Because housewives always have a lot of sundries to store, and they also like to make cakes and delicious desserts. At this time, our dinner plate is very suitable for them to put these delicious food, and then send them to the table for everyone to share and eat, adding a warm family atmosphere.

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