Ramadan Mosque Shape Napkin Holder
napkin holder design,custom napkin holder
napkin holder design,custom napkin holder
napkin holder design,custom napkin holder
  • napkin holder design,custom napkin holder
  • napkin holder design,custom napkin holder
  • napkin holder design,custom napkin holder

Ramadan Mosque Shape Napkin Holder

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Product name:

  Ramadan Mosque Shape Napkin Holder


Product introduction:

  When Ramadan is coming, we specially designed a mosque shaped napkin rack for the Muslim dinner table of Ramadan. It is the latest table metal handicraft. During Ramadan and after sunset, Muslims will sit with their families for dinner after a day of fasting. The design concept of our Ramadan napkin holder is a streamlined design with hollow out on both sides. Both sides are light metal plates in the shape of an Islamic castle. The space in the middle of them can store clean napkins and ensure that they stand stably on your desk. When your friends visit your kitchen in Ramadan, it is a perfect Eid decoration to put it on the table or dining table in the living room.


Product features:

1. Muslims inRamadan pay great attention to table etiquette, so we have designed a mosque shaped napkin rack for the Muslim table in Ramadan. It has black and gold colors for you to choose from. Of course, if you like other colors, we can also provide customized services for you. The overall shape of the napkin holder is a very smooth design. We also designed the representative element of Ramadan -- the mosque shape. As we all know, the mosque is the most symbolic building in the Islamic world and enjoys a high status in the eyes of Muslims. The religious identity of Muslims has always been consistent. If the mosque is a "Muslim home", then every Muslim is a member of this big family. Mosques are the basic signs of the objective existence of Islam. Muslims live around mosques and form Muslim communities. These communities continue to "shape" the religious feelings of the next generation of Muslims and form a new collective identity. That's why we designed it into our Ramadan napkin holder.


2. Its main material is high quality metal iron. The overall shape is the shape of the mosque, which is a very practical kitchen table art for Ramadan, which can help you celebrate Ramadan. It can be a regular choice for you to celebrate Ramadanevery year, because it is durable, beautiful and practical. You can not only use it during Ramadan, because the napkin rack can be an item all year round. Whenever you eat or there is dirt on the table, you need to use napkins, so napkins must also be stored in a place, which is undoubtedly our Ramadan napkin rack. This is very consistent with the theme of Ramadan and can bring you a good festive atmosphere. This is a great Eid decoration.


3. Our Ramadan napkin holderis a very classic Muslim decoration. It is made of durable high-quality metallic iron. This is a very popular kitchen product during Ramadan. When you talk about kitchen supplies for Ramadan with your family or friends, you must have an indispensable napkin rack. Because napkins are necessary supplies for guests to finish eating on the table, the storage of napkins is certainly the key to ensure that the table is not messy in Ramadan. At this time, our products are your best choice. The design feature of this Ramadan napkin holder is that when guests see the symbolic mosque pattern, they will certainly praise you loudly, because it is the most representative element of Ramadan.

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