Mantel Hook
custom fireplace mantel designs, china fireplace mantel, christmas ornament hooks wholesale
  • custom fireplace mantel designs, china fireplace mantel, christmas ornament hooks wholesale

Mantel Hook

A lovely Christmas home decoration, stockings rack, clothes hook: hohohoho iron wood fireplace clock. You should put your favorite silk stockings on the fireplace throughout the holiday season (the hook can bear 5 kg). It can be used every day or as decoration. It has an opulent appearance and is quite practical to use.

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Custom Designs China Christmas Ornament Hooks&Fireplace Mantel Wholesale

custom fireplace mantel designs

product name:mantel hook


Product introduction:

A beautiful Christmas home decoration, clothes hook: hohohoho iron wooden fireplace clock stockings rack hook fireplace. It is an ideal choice for you to hang your favorite silk stockings on the fireplace at Christmas (the hook can bear 5 kg). It can be used as decorations or for daily use. It is very convenient to use and represents a luxurious appearance. Hohoho Christmas decorations red, green, platinum fireplace hook this is a beautiful and lovely Christmas decorations. It is not only the decoration of your fireplace, but also the necessary decoration to hang your clothes on the wall. This will make your room cleaner. Made of high-quality iron material, it is durable and can fix clothes well.


Product features:

1. functions

Hook your favorite holiday decorations with hooks, hang your socks on the fireplace, and put a hook on the wall to fix all your Halloween decorations. This hook is perfect for year-round use. You can hang garlands and garlands, or use them as a garden plant rack. Hohoho holder is a unique, decorative and practical hook. This is a great way to add a touch of festivity to your home. What you see is a unique, high-quality solid wood clothes hook. It would be a good start to a conversation with your fireplace or wall. Our clothes hangers are made according to tradition. It looks like a real antique, but it provides comfort and convenience for today's lifestyle.


2. color and material

Christmas decorations are a great way to hang all the Christmas decorations on it. It has red, green, gold and white. It is a good decoration for your family Christmas tree, or as a gift to others. The jewelry support is made of iron and wood, coated with polyester paint and painted with baking paint, which is very durable and easy to maintain.


3. this decoration creates a festive atmosphere for any Christmas tree or fireplace. This handmade country piece is made of high-quality iron and is decorated with a dark red flashing coating, dark green wood paint and white flashing spots. This charming design can be perfectly used as a sock rack or tree top. It will be the perfect choice for your holiday decoration, fireplace or table decoration!


4. for any Christmas lover who wants to hang socks on the fireplace, this is a very special and interesting gift. This is a beautiful decorative fireplace hook, which is made of high-quality iron and wood. There is a wonderful holiday bell in the middle. It will make a beautiful and subtle jingle when it is moved slightly. This decoration is perfect for hanging on the fireplace, or on branches, garlands, or even on your front door.


5. this festive red and green Christmas decorations is the best supplement for any family. This beautiful and gorgeous design is made of pure iron and decorated with gold. It looks charming and creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere. This is the perfect work for your fireplace fireplace or fireplace


china fireplace mantel

christmas ornament hooks wholesale



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