Christmas Cake Stand
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  • china tiered cake stand, cake display stands wholesale, cake stand hardware wholesale, cake stand manufacturers, metal cake stands wholesale

Christmas Cake Stand

How can you improve the appeal of your party? The bracket is here! High-quality plastic was utilized to make this cake stand, making it strong and long-lasting. This is the ideal ornament for your Christmas tree and dessert table. This stand can not only hold the cake while you cut a cake or take a picture with friends or family, but it can also foster a romantic mood between you all.

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china tiered cake stand

product name:christmas cake stand


Product introduction:

How to make your party more attractive? Here comes the bracket! This cake rack is made of high-grade plastic material, which is durable and can be used for a long time. This is the perfect decoration for your dessert table and Christmas tree. When you cut a cake or take a photo with friends or family, this stand can not only place the cake, but also create a romantic atmosphere between you. Cake rack on dessert table. We are glad to introduce you to this beautiful cake rack. This is the perfect choice for any occasion. It is a great decoration for the kitchen. It looks super cool on the table. Whether you are setting up a romantic dinner or showing off various desserts, just use it to show off your delicious food.


Product features:

1. easy to assemble and store: Cupcake holder is packaged in gift box. We print the user manual on the cupcake holder, and the best dessert represents the gift packaging. Baby shower, adult gift, carnival, bride shower, children's birthday, tea party, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas


2. exquisite, high-quality and elegant: the cake rack set is made of food grade polystyrene plastic and connected with silver metal bracket. The tray is thicker than ordinary polypropylene plastic, but lighter than glass, so it won't scratch. The crystal details really capture the light. Our cake rack looks like glass and crystal, which will make you mistake the plate for glass. The dessert counter is safe and not fragile. It is suitable for children.


3. why we need it: the cake rack is worth the money, with good quality and low price. It can present an elegant dessert center dish, which is impressive. Cupcake tower is luxurious, expensive, firm, stable, multifunctional and practical, suitable for any occasion.


4. this three-layer cake rack is the perfect choice for your next party! It has a beautiful transparent design and is equipped with lighting equipment, which makes you look elegant in any occasion. It has a beautiful transparent design and is equipped with lighting, which makes it have an elegant appearance in any occasion. These are not only suitable for dessert tables, but also good decorations for activities. You can use it as part of your decoration and even as an aisle stand at your wedding. It is widely used in both cases!


5. three layer cake rack with transparent plastic tray. These trays are perfect for dessert tables, weddings or parties. With a three-layer tray, you can create a beautiful display space for cupcakes and other baked goods. This cake rack is also an elegant setting that allows you to decorate the center of the table during the holiday season! The product is light, easy to assemble and fold, and is an ideal storage tool when not in use. Take this scaffold to any family gathering and you will get a lot of praise. We like the transparent plastic structure and modern lines, but most importantly, we like this shelf because it makes great desserts look more perfect. Lighting provides a more stylish touch, which will make your Christmas holiday special!


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